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Being a grown-up writer, cont'd

So I write erotica, right? But I’ve been feeling hella non-sexy this week for female reasons, so I’ve devoted my usual writing time to research, brainstorming ideas, and other not-writing-but-writing-related things. 

Some thoughts: 

  • MailChimp has an awful interface IMO (not that it should matter to me, because I currently have 0 subscribers anyway)
  • It’s not exactly necessary to pay for stock photos (??) because many websites offer free trials. I will have to keep an eye on this
  • My current best seller is a gay billionaire story, I suppose because it intersects two popular categories (gay and billionaire). I’m considering writing another one to see how it does
  • My newest release, the aforementioned lesbian vampire story, is doing unexpectedly well. I will also keep an eye on this to see how it does, and will consider writing a sequel!

Honestly, most of my day has been spent in this very chair, but I don’t really consider it a waste. I did a lot of clicking around, trying to figure out how to take my career to the next level. Until I stop bleeding out of my vagina, I have a pile of library books to tackle, a stack of DVDs to watch, and my lovely pet to snuggle to death.



Being a grown up writer



Now that I have my blog, my mailing list, and my growing collection of stock photos, I feel like a grown up writer, especially compared to what I was doing before: pounding out a 4,000 word story, slapping a cover together in MS Paint, publishing to Amazon, and praying for sales. After what I’ve done this past, I’ve realized that there’s more to being an author than just writing a story. 

First, you have to write a good story. The bare bones of a passable story (in my opinion) is a hook and a central conflict. Then comes believable dialogue, complex characters, and an engaging setting. It may seem like baking a cake at first. Just crack open your laptop, identify your MC, give her a name, etc. I only wish it was that easy. When you have a vision of a story that you haven’t written yet, it feels like you’re watching a movie. It would be great if this happened, then this, then this. But once you sit in front of that blank page, you realize that those images that you formed in your mind, the ones of heroines kicking ass, horses jumping off of cliffs, bats hovering around a castle tower…you have to build them with nothing but words. And not just any words, but words that are strong enough to invoke images in the readers mind, but not so strong that they realize they are reading rather than seeing. See?

It takes a very determined person to write a good story (don’t even get me started on drafting…) I think this is a good place to end my first post. Dusk is quickly falling in my region of the country, and I have half of a lesbian vampire story begging to be finished.