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Nora Nix reviewed my story, "Hot Set," some capitalism, and some free shit

…which you can read about on her blog here. Reading it gave me the warm fuzzies, because Nora is such a gifted, eloquent, talented writer, and she so graciously gave my story 5 stars. I encourage EVERYONE to go read this particular post, because there’s more to it than a review of my humble story. For those of you not in the know, we erotica authors and readers are in the midst of the “Pornocalypse,” wherein online retailers have begun to pull erotic titles based on whether or not their content is deemed appropriate. I’ve been wanting to write a pseudo-incest story, and “Hot Set” was my way of doing that without it being a real pseudo-incest story. My character is 18, but she plays a 14 year old on TV, and her object of fixation is her TV daddy. All the fixings for a hot, naughty, incest-fest…but technically not. Anyway, Nora did an excellent job of analyzing my motivation in the context of this Pornocalypse along with identifying how retailers are so in the wrong about policing erotic content, so go check it out!

In other news, I will be having Thanksgiving dinner in a couple of days. My family’s tradition is to host dinner every other year, and since we did last year (I did all the cooking for the 15 guests that ended up arriving), we will be having it at my aunt’s house. But Thanksgiving dinner hasn’t been on my mind much this month…


…because of Black Friday, obviously. I usually do all my Christmas shopping on Black Friday. But one of my friends, who is employed at a store that is opening on Thanksgiving day this year, said something that really got to me. He said that it’s not the company’s fault, it’s ours, because WE’RE the ones busting down the doors for all the “deals,” and WE’RE the ones who have created the demand in the first place. And then I realized, “Damn, I haven’t really thought about it like that.” 

People…I forgot about Thanksgiving. And how do you forget about Thanksgiving? It’s a holiday about food!

So this year, I decided to just…not go. I’m just going to get really drunk, eat 1,500 calories in one sitting, and hibernate. It really is hard to pass up, but I don’t really need to go shopping. There is a holiday between Halloween and Christmas, and it’s called Thanksgiving. As in giving thanks. As in, “thank you, cosmic energy, for giving me my health, my family, my adorable dog, my fabulous taste in clothes, and all this FOOD.” 

And thank YOU for visiting my blog and reading this post. 

Before I forget, my three story bundle, Strange and Sensual Creatures, will be free on 11/29 and 11/30 through KDP Select. I randomly picked the weekends to run my free days and didn’t realize that the 29th was the day after Thanksgiving, but I guess it works out. You could download it to your Kindle for free, if you feel so inclined, and unwind after a long night of stuffing your face, or perhaps read it while you’re standing in line at the mall. UP TO YOU. 




A new release!


I finally finished my lesbian vampire story, y’all, which marks my 19th title on Amazon. HOLY CRAP GUYS. I can’t believe only two months ago I started off with my humble story about a college girl having sex on camera for money. I don’t plan on slowing down soon, and I’ll definitely be sharing all the lessons I learn on the road to self-publishing success.

Well, here’s one lesson I learned very recently. The most effective way to increase sales and readership is to WRITE. There’s a reason every author says so. I published more new stories in October than November, and October sales were much higher. Word on the street is that Amazon pushes new stories to the top, so it’ll be easier for a browsing reader to stumble on a newer story. I spent my writing time this month trying my hand at marketing. It doesn’t hurt, but writing the next story is the best way to go. 

This week, I’ll be focusing on picking up two series that I kind of forgot about. Equinox, which I’ve talked about before, is about a relationship between a witch and a werewolf. I never planned on taking it beyond that first story, but the world was so inspiring that I had to keep writing about it. My Boss’s Billionaire Boyfriend was also inspired by a dream and spawned one sequel. It’s been doing okay, despite the ocean of competition it’s swimming against. I left the MC in a compromising situation at the end of the sequel, and I will have to go back and rescue her someday. 

Before I go away, consider clicking this link to read my interview by Dalia Daudelin! She asked me some really great questions, and her blog in general is a great resource for the erotica-enthused. 

WEREWOLF PORN. There, I said it. (and gay porn)

First of all, I would like to point out that there is a difference between erotica and porn, which I might explore later (or you can Google it. Blah).Image

I wrote my first werewolf erotica story, Equinox, after this dream where I was being chased through a forest by a wolf. I’ve written one sequel and one prequel and have since moved on. I’ve been working on and off on my lesbian erotica story all day today, from noon until dusk until now, when the sky is black with night. The coyotes have come out and I can hear their screams drifting in through my window, and I can’t help but consider returning to the Equinox universe for one more adventure. 

What makes werewolves so appealing, I wonder? I think perhaps one huge reason is the idea of the animal inside the man. Sex is one of the basest human drives that exists, and our ability to keep that drive in check is what separates us from the animals, who go about taking and claiming as they please. The idea of a man who is only barely a man is exciting. Imagine standing in a room with a werewolf, an ordinary human in a T-shirt and jeans, having a conversation or a cup of tea. The next second, or the next one after that or the next one after that, holds the possibility of that human turning into a beast before your eyes, that rational brain reduced to nothing more than instincts and impulses. What is the strongest instinct of all, particularly if that beast is in a room with another being that happens to have a functioning reproductive system? The werewolf-lover is excited by the fact that there are two sides to this being, that they are standing at the edge of danger. There’s a mystique and power there that obviously amps up the sex appeal. But a werewolf that cares enough about you to not maim you or eat you is romantic. And wolves in general are just romantic.

In other news, I had the pleasure of reading a fabulous and sexy short story by Nora Nix.


Before I go on, can we just talk about the cover? Let’s say it together now: Dayuuuuuuuuuuum! 

I don’t hate gay erotica, but I wouldn’t really call myself a fan, either. It’s hard to get into a character’s head when they have equipment that you don’t, yadda mean? HOWEVER, Nora makes it really easy to enjoy some hot man on man on man on man action in her story, The Game: Home Run. Do girls have prostates? I don’t care, I want one after reading this story. And also, come on. A room full of hot, naked, slippery men with hard-ons spraying cum everywhere, and no petite sorority chick to make me feel self-conscious about myself? Yes please. 

It’s almost enough to turn me off of lesbians. Almost. 

goes back to lesbian vampire story


Christmas came early this year

ImageMy local radio station started playing holiday tunes on November 1st. Many people said “Trick or treat” on Halloween, only to turn around and say “Merry Christmas” in the very same breath. It’s no wonder, though. Compared to Halloween and Christmas, Thanksgiving has a comparably smaller profit-generating potential (outside of turkeys and tofurkeys, of course). However, there is one thing we can all be thankful for. The Smutwriters have released their holiday anthology. Perfect for the bibliophile-freakaleak in your life, or be selfish and keep it all to yourself. Eight authors and over 22,000 words. 






Making money off the internet, and my upcoming story

Arlie Hochschild is a sociologist whose special interest involves how American society copes with the increasing digitization of relationships. Think about it: Google, Plenty of Fish, Instagram, Youtube, etc. There’s pros and cons, of course. Pro: You can Skype your sister studying abroad in China. Con: With the increasing emphasis on text-based communication (like texting), our children and grandchildren risk having poor face-to-face social skills. Today one of my friends ranted about how people take in-person relationships and privacy for granted, on Facebook. This is the way our generation shares information, expresses ourselves, and networks. 

A little bit about me: I graduated college recently and decided to take a year off. In the mean time, I depend on the internet for income. I’ve sold a few things on eBay to get by, and most recently decided to try my hand at self-publishing erotica. I’m a small fish in a huge pond here. A huge number of people try publishing one book, garner no sales, and quit. Some people quit a few books later, and so on. At the top of the pyramid are the few authors who make a comfortable living writing smut. From what I’ve seen, I fall into the lower middle class strata. It’s only my third month, but my sales are growing. My royalties aren’t even close to minimum wage, but a small part of me wonders. I wonder if I will actually write for a living, someday, and become fully dependent on the machine of the internet to feed, clothe, and house me. 

In this way, I’m thankful for the “digitization of relationships,” because it has made the market so much more accessible to me, as a writer, and to readers as well. Anyone with a Kindle, Nook, or even smart phone these days has access to zillions of books. Remember when only rich people could afford books? 

In other news, my newest story on deck is the sequel to Devil in a Red Dress. Hoping to have it up by Thursday!

The appeal of an older man


There’s just something about being with an older man, isn’t there? I’m currently wrapping up my newest short about an 18 year old actress who plays a teenager on a sitcom, absolutely crippled by a crush on her TV “dad.” This story is a bit more personal for me because I actually am in a relationship with an older man, so I understand the allure of a mature fellow. Boy, do I!

For the sake of simplicity, my boyfriend will be called Humphrey in this blog post.

So let’s talk about the sex, shall we? They have more experience, naturally, and have probably had more partners, as well. Humphrey and I had the “how many partners” discussion a couple weeks into our relationship, and I found out he’s had about ten times as many partners as I’ve had. My number is humble, but I’m no virgin, and I thought I’d misheard what he’d said at first. But it only made me more excited to think about all the women he’s been with, from when he was an insecure virgin all the way to the dreaded ex-before-me, and all the tricks he learned from them. I endured our first several encounters in an almost drunken haze, because I just never knew sex could be that good. He taught me a lot. Not to say I didn’t teach him a few things myself. He’s also attentive and knows exactly how to make me come. I thought I could only come after a guy went down on me for like thirty minutes, and only if I was on top, but nope, not so true after Humphrey. 😉 I actually find myself pushing the envelope with him sexually, seeing where he’ll draw the line, or what will shock him. There’s still a lot of things that we haven’t tried, that we want to try together. The fact hat he is still open to new experiences and sharing them with me is so hot.

Sexual things aside, having a man who is confident, sensitive, and established is a huge plus. He’d already gone through his awkward phase, his insecure phase, his douchebag and identity crisis phase by the time I was watching Sailor Moon in my dinosaur pajamas. He’s also done with his party phase, so he’s always my designated driver–a HUGE BONUS. He understands women. He’s pretty much done with school, established in his career, and comes with an older-man salary (not that money is important, but it’s like getting a free vibrator with your lingerie). And honestly, it’s like having a second dad, only you can have hot, dirty sex with him. I can’t count the times I’ve gone to Humphrey for advice on friends, interacting with bosses/professors, feedback on my resume, and filling out tax forms. When I walked across the stage at my graduation ceremony for my Bachelor’s, my dad didn’t shed a tear. But guess what: Humphrey did. Imagine a boyfriend who will sit down on your bed, let you rest your head on his shoulder, and listen to your problems. You know how when you were a teenager with an immature, insensitive teenager boyfriend, you often wondered why all boys couldn’t be like your dad? Having an older man is like the opposite of that (I love how caring and nurturing he is…but WHY doesn’t he have an instagram??) When he wraps his arms around you, you feel completely safe and at peace, like nothing could ever hurt you. THAT is the appeal of an older man. 

And the fact that on occasion, he calls me “little girl” and I call him “Daddy” doesn’t hurt, either.




No Shame in Sex

I’ve only been publishing erotica for a few months now, but I’ve never encountered such a diverse and welcoming community. There’s literally something for everybody, everything from vanilla, husband-and-wife sex to werewolves to Cthulhu. Writers can explore situations that you normally can’t with video-based pornography, which is great news for the reader. You won’t be able to find tentacle porn in video form, but there’s an absurd surplus of it in the erotica market.

That’s not all, though! In the erotica-verse, there’s no such thing as shame. Perhaps you’re into watersports or pegging, and it might invite confusion or even teasing if you tell your friends. In erotica, however, writers are not only unapologetic but celebratory when it comes to the amount of diversity in kinks that exists in the human psyche.

Thanks to Fifty Shades of Grey, BDSM has opened the public’s consciousness to a wide array of alternative, sexual play. But BDSM is old news, isn’t it (sorry, public). The nice thing is that there has never been a better time to publish, read, and write erotica. There’s a huge void begging to be filled (lol), and people’s grandmothers are even getting in the game. Reading erotica has almost become a sign of the haute-nouveau. Trends always come and go, of course, but it’s never a bad thing when society as a whole becomes more accepting of sexual expression, identity, and subculture.


Today, I just finished a great novella that I had to share. Dinner Party is one of stories featuring the awesomely diverse tastes I was talking about. It follows Arianthe, a fledgling vampire who does anything she can to make her master’s party a success. There are different kinks and shades of sexuality that are explored in its 22,000 words, but what I found most impressive was the setting. It’s evident that it takes place in modern times, but the language and fashions preferred by the ancient and powerful vampires are reminiscent of times of yore, when women titillated by flashing ankle and dropping hankie. It exudes Victorian and Antebellum, without the sexual prudishness, of course. There’s a lot of inter-creature, inter-sex, and our favorite kink, BDSM. Basically, a little taste of every taste.

And a shameless plug for those who enjoy gay erotica: My third Cam Girl story is finished and live on Amazon and B&N!