November is here! On nanowrimo, covers, and KDP Select

“November is here!” 

The last time I participated in Nanowrimo was back in 2009. I actually completed a 75,000+ word novel about four high school girls who achieved popularity through witchcraft (think Mean Girls meets The Craft). It’s never progressed beyond that first draft because, little did I know, writing it was actually the easy part! Well I’m a little more experienced, now, and I have a vague outline for a novel that I scribbled out months ago. I don’t doubt that I can write a full length novel again, but this year I want to make sure that I revise it at least once. 

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves!

The 1st of November kind of crept up on me this year. October was a pretty busy month, and not only because I celebrate Halloween all month long. It was my second month self-publishing erotica, and I managed to write and push-out 9 stories, two bundles, and teach myself how to make somewhat passable covers. 

Here’s an example, btw: 



Don’t laugh, but when I started publishing, I made my covers in MS Paint for simplicity’s (read: I was lazy and cheap) sake. I actually used the cover on the left and decided that it looked so bad, I should at least give GIMP a shot (it’s free!). So the cover on the right is the first one I ever made using the program! I still remember how I had to zoom in really really close to draw in the cleavage. Not a bad way to spend a Wednesday night, eh? 😉

I never considered that making covers could be fun, but it is! So far, I’ve learned how to download and install new fonts, the difference between “layers” and “canvases” (honestly, I spent a few hours tearing my hair out before I realized that there is a very important difference), and how to crop/resize/add filters/blend/etc. For my most recent project, I tried to make one of those handy dandy book boxes that many authors use for their book bundles. Here’s my attempt: 


Haha, it could be better! But at least it looks like a box, right? 

🙂 😐 😦 

This cover is for my newest bundle, Strange and Sensual Creatures. Approximately 13,000+ish words, with three short stories. I wanted to start November off with a bang, so after some reflecting I decided to enroll it in KDP Select. I’m running the free promotion for today (Sat) and tomorrow. The last time I checked, it had 158 downloads. Yay! The last time I ran a promo, I used all 5 days back to back the first moment I could, which was probably a poor decision in retrospect. I think I had under 300 downloads for the whole 5 days. I’ll treat this weekend as a little experiment, to see where I should take this bundle next. 


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