My WIP: Jackson’s story (gay first time anal)

I’ve had a busy morning redoing some of my crappier covers and working on my shiny new idea.


Cam Girl was the first story I ever published, so I have a bit of a soft spot for it (and its sequel: Double the Pleasure). In essence, they are about a nice college undergrad named Arianna who finds out her classmate and crush Jackson makes a living as a webcam performer. And what does this nice college undergrad do about that? She joins in, of course (and is subsequently able to afford a rocking pair of Tory Burch boots)!

I pretty much made Jackson perfect. He’s athletic, funny, kind, friendly, and a feminist. *swoons* I just pooped out another story that went live just this morning, had nothing else lined up, so I decided to pick up the third Cam Girl story I never finished, which is about how Jackson got his start in the webcam business. I’ll post a sample of what I have so far for your enjoyment. 

[insert obligatory warning obscene scene ahead hope you’re 18]

**Excerpt starts here**


I slid my jeans and boxers down to my ankles and kicked them to the floor. Evan’s eyes flashed as he smoothed his hand over my knee and onto my thigh.


For a moment, I wondered if he’d done this before.


Evan looked up at me through his eyelashes as his mouth hovered near the tip of my dick. I sucked in a breath as I watched his shiny tongue dancing behind his teeth, his lips so close to my skin I could feel his breath. My cock throbbed in his hand as he stroked it. Then, he licked a thin, wet trail from my sack to the ridge of my head.


A delicious shiver crawled up my legs. I thought I felt myself grow another inch against Evan’s mouth.


Evan licked his lips and took me inside. I choked back a cry of pleasure when he pushed my cock to the roof of his mouth with the soft pad of his tongue, enveloping me in the hot, damp cavern of his mouth. The muscles in my thighs twitched. I let out a slow breath. My heart was hammering away inside of my chest. I felt like I had just run a mile.


“Jesus!” I whispered.


Evan sank his head toward my pelvis and sucked back, dragging his lips along my ridges. I felt the gentle scrape of teeth against my hardness, the slick underside of his tongue as it flickered over my tip. My cock throbbed in his mouth as he pumped his head. There was pressure building up somewhere deep inside of me.


“Mm,” Evan said, my cock muffling him slightly. The vibration of his voice shot straight through my nerves, and I had to choke back another cry.


He popped me out of my mouth and grinned, his lips slick with saliva. He wrapped his fingers around my shaft and stroked and pumped, smoothing away all the pressure that his mouth had pushed into me, as he wandered down to my sack. He buried his face between my thighs. Only his hair and some of his forehead was visible. His nose pushed up against the inside of my hip. I wondered what he was doing down there.


Then, a warm tingle spread from the base of my spine to my brain as his tongue prodded against my taint.


“Oh, shit,” I muttered.


My muscles locked up instinctively as his tongue fought past my cheeks to my asshole. Evan’s hand jerked me in reprimand, making me buck my hips. He pushed forward, burying his face under my balls, licking toward me. The very tip of his tongue touched my rim, surprisingly cold and soft.


He finally emerged, slightly red in the face. “I’m going to get my friend ready, everybody,” he said.


His expression became serious as he slid a finger past his lips. A cold rush swept over me as I remembered how he looked sliding my cock into his mouth. I felt like I was floating. There was a dull buzz in my fingertips and toes, all of the pleasure that was locked inside of me, waiting for release.


Evan closed his mouth over my cock again as he pushed his finger inside of me. Hot pleasure bloomed in my stomach. He stroked at something down there, pushing some sort of button that made my cock twitch and jerk with agony, like a coiled spring between Evan’s lips, ready to explode. 

**End of excerpt** 

I wish I could spend more time with these two, I really do! But guess what? I’m going to watch Thor today! 

He’s my favorite Avenger…for obvious reasons 😉




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