No Shame in Sex

I’ve only been publishing erotica for a few months now, but I’ve never encountered such a diverse and welcoming community. There’s literally something for everybody, everything from vanilla, husband-and-wife sex to werewolves to Cthulhu. Writers can explore situations that you normally can’t with video-based pornography, which is great news for the reader. You won’t be able to find tentacle porn in video form, but there’s an absurd surplus of it in the erotica market.

That’s not all, though! In the erotica-verse, there’s no such thing as shame. Perhaps you’re into watersports or pegging, and it might invite confusion or even teasing if you tell your friends. In erotica, however, writers are not only unapologetic but celebratory when it comes to the amount of diversity in kinks that exists in the human psyche.

Thanks to Fifty Shades of Grey, BDSM has opened the public’s consciousness to a wide array of alternative, sexual play. But BDSM is old news, isn’t it (sorry, public). The nice thing is that there has never been a better time to publish, read, and write erotica. There’s a huge void begging to be filled (lol), and people’s grandmothers are even getting in the game. Reading erotica has almost become a sign of the haute-nouveau. Trends always come and go, of course, but it’s never a bad thing when society as a whole becomes more accepting of sexual expression, identity, and subculture.


Today, I just finished a great novella that I had to share. Dinner Party is one of stories featuring the awesomely diverse tastes I was talking about. It follows Arianthe, a fledgling vampire who does anything she can to make her master’s party a success. There are different kinks and shades of sexuality that are explored in its 22,000 words, but what I found most impressive was the setting. It’s evident that it takes place in modern times, but the language and fashions preferred by the ancient and powerful vampires are reminiscent of times of yore, when women titillated by flashing ankle and dropping hankie. It exudes Victorian and Antebellum, without the sexual prudishness, of course. There’s a lot of inter-creature, inter-sex, and our favorite kink, BDSM. Basically, a little taste of every taste.

And a shameless plug for those who enjoy gay erotica: My third Cam Girl story is finished and live on Amazon and B&N!


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