The appeal of an older man


There’s just something about being with an older man, isn’t there? I’m currently wrapping up my newest short about an 18 year old actress who plays a teenager on a sitcom, absolutely crippled by a crush on her TV “dad.” This story is a bit more personal for me because I actually am in a relationship with an older man, so I understand the allure of a mature fellow. Boy, do I!

For the sake of simplicity, my boyfriend will be called Humphrey in this blog post.

So let’s talk about the sex, shall we? They have more experience, naturally, and have probably had more partners, as well. Humphrey and I had the “how many partners” discussion a couple weeks into our relationship, and I found out he’s had about ten times as many partners as I’ve had. My number is humble, but I’m no virgin, and I thought I’d misheard what he’d said at first. But it only made me more excited to think about all the women he’s been with, from when he was an insecure virgin all the way to the dreaded ex-before-me, and all the tricks he learned from them. I endured our first several encounters in an almost drunken haze, because I just never knew sex could be that good. He taught me a lot. Not to say I didn’t teach him a few things myself. He’s also attentive and knows exactly how to make me come. I thought I could only come after a guy went down on me for like thirty minutes, and only if I was on top, but nope, not so true after Humphrey. 😉 I actually find myself pushing the envelope with him sexually, seeing where he’ll draw the line, or what will shock him. There’s still a lot of things that we haven’t tried, that we want to try together. The fact hat he is still open to new experiences and sharing them with me is so hot.

Sexual things aside, having a man who is confident, sensitive, and established is a huge plus. He’d already gone through his awkward phase, his insecure phase, his douchebag and identity crisis phase by the time I was watching Sailor Moon in my dinosaur pajamas. He’s also done with his party phase, so he’s always my designated driver–a HUGE BONUS. He understands women. He’s pretty much done with school, established in his career, and comes with an older-man salary (not that money is important, but it’s like getting a free vibrator with your lingerie). And honestly, it’s like having a second dad, only you can have hot, dirty sex with him. I can’t count the times I’ve gone to Humphrey for advice on friends, interacting with bosses/professors, feedback on my resume, and filling out tax forms. When I walked across the stage at my graduation ceremony for my Bachelor’s, my dad didn’t shed a tear. But guess what: Humphrey did. Imagine a boyfriend who will sit down on your bed, let you rest your head on his shoulder, and listen to your problems. You know how when you were a teenager with an immature, insensitive teenager boyfriend, you often wondered why all boys couldn’t be like your dad? Having an older man is like the opposite of that (I love how caring and nurturing he is…but WHY doesn’t he have an instagram??) When he wraps his arms around you, you feel completely safe and at peace, like nothing could ever hurt you. THAT is the appeal of an older man. 

And the fact that on occasion, he calls me “little girl” and I call him “Daddy” doesn’t hurt, either.





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3 responses to “The appeal of an older man”

  1. winterbayne says :

    I’m in a relationship with an older guy too. I don’t think I ever dated someone close to my own age…:)

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