Making money off the internet, and my upcoming story

Arlie Hochschild is a sociologist whose special interest involves how American society copes with the increasing digitization of relationships. Think about it: Google, Plenty of Fish, Instagram, Youtube, etc. There’s pros and cons, of course. Pro: You can Skype your sister studying abroad in China. Con: With the increasing emphasis on text-based communication (like texting), our children and grandchildren risk having poor face-to-face social skills. Today one of my friends ranted about how people take in-person relationships and privacy for granted, on Facebook. This is the way our generation shares information, expresses ourselves, and networks. 

A little bit about me: I graduated college recently and decided to take a year off. In the mean time, I depend on the internet for income. I’ve sold a few things on eBay to get by, and most recently decided to try my hand at self-publishing erotica. I’m a small fish in a huge pond here. A huge number of people try publishing one book, garner no sales, and quit. Some people quit a few books later, and so on. At the top of the pyramid are the few authors who make a comfortable living writing smut. From what I’ve seen, I fall into the lower middle class strata. It’s only my third month, but my sales are growing. My royalties aren’t even close to minimum wage, but a small part of me wonders. I wonder if I will actually write for a living, someday, and become fully dependent on the machine of the internet to feed, clothe, and house me. 

In this way, I’m thankful for the “digitization of relationships,” because it has made the market so much more accessible to me, as a writer, and to readers as well. Anyone with a Kindle, Nook, or even smart phone these days has access to zillions of books. Remember when only rich people could afford books? 

In other news, my newest story on deck is the sequel to Devil in a Red Dress. Hoping to have it up by Thursday!


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