A new release!


I finally finished my lesbian vampire story, y’all, which marks my 19th title on Amazon. HOLY CRAP GUYS. I can’t believe only two months ago I started off with my humble story about a college girl having sex on camera for money. I don’t plan on slowing down soon, and I’ll definitely be sharing all the lessons I learn on the road to self-publishing success.

Well, here’s one lesson I learned very recently. The most effective way to increase sales and readership is to WRITE. There’s a reason every author says so. I published more new stories in October than November, and October sales were much higher. Word on the street is that Amazon pushes new stories to the top, so it’ll be easier for a browsing reader to stumble on a newer story. I spent my writing time this month trying my hand at marketing. It doesn’t hurt, but writing the next story is the best way to go. 

This week, I’ll be focusing on picking up two series that I kind of forgot about. Equinox, which I’ve talked about before, is about a relationship between a witch and a werewolf. I never planned on taking it beyond that first story, but the world was so inspiring that I had to keep writing about it. My Boss’s Billionaire Boyfriend was also inspired by a dream and spawned one sequel. It’s been doing okay, despite the ocean of competition it’s swimming against. I left the MC in a compromising situation at the end of the sequel, and I will have to go back and rescue her someday. 

Before I go away, consider clicking this link to read my interview by Dalia Daudelin! She asked me some really great questions, and her blog in general is a great resource for the erotica-enthused. 


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