More new releases, stripper admissions, and an excerpt

Eroticist extraordinaire Scarlet Cox posted this blog entry for this week’s new releases, and you can find me on there! 

I hope everybody had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I gained about two pounds overnight. I hope I can lose it by amateur night at our local strip club, which has inadvertently become a tradition between myself and my friends every December (don’t ask). 

So what’s on deck…


It’s been ages (or so it seems), but I’m finally putting the finishing touches on my newest Equinox story. There’s werewolf sex, of course, but also a little surprise threesome. Who is the third party? Could it be Marcus Streich, Kathy’s spurned ex-fiance? Or perhaps his mother, Natalie, the mysterious High Matriarch of Kathy’s coven? Or maybe somebody completely new, somebody who is more animal than man…

You will have to wait for the release to find out! But in the mean time, here is a little taste of the RECKONING

When our lips came together, I felt all the stress from the break-up melt away. Yes, Marcus is finally gone, I thought as I slipped my tongue against Damon’s. I imagined I was washing him away with each of our kisses, replacing all the old memories with new ones, of Damon. As if reading my mind, Damon pulled away and spoke his name.

“Isn’t the coven going to be mad that you’re leaving him for a werewolf?”

I kissed his nose. “Actually, he’s too embarrassed to admit that himself, so we’ve both promised to say that things just didn’t work out between us.”

“So we’re still in a secret affair?”

“We’re still in a secret affair.”

“That is so hot,” Damon whispered. He pulled my knee over his lap, making me straddle him. I put my hands under his shirt, running them up against the contours and ridges that had become so familiar over the months. I could be blindfolded in a dark room and tell the difference between Damon’s naked chest and another man’s with only my tongue.

A low growl rumbled in his throat as I pulled the shirt off over his head, making my stomach heave with desire. I kissed his nipples and felt them get sharp and pointy in my mouth as I groped at his jeans, searching for the knot of hardness between his legs. His hips bucked when I found it and gave it a squeeze. When he flipped me onto my back and pinned my hands over my head, all remaining thoughts of Marcus were obliterated from my mind.

“Take off your clothes,” he wheezed. His voice shook, caught in between man and wolf as his vocal cords changed shape. His eyes were turning yellow around the edges. He was shifting.

My hands shook when he released them. I struggled out of my clothes, trembling as Damon towered over me. I was already hot and wet, and my senses surged from adrenaline. The razor teeth and the growls touched me in a primal place, activating the fight-or-flight response. I couldn’t fight evolution, so there was always a rush of fear when I was with Damon. But after a while, fear and sex became something I associated with him.

Fur sprouted over Damon’s skin, and his joints popped and reformed, sheathed in hard muscle. His cock went from man-sized to much bigger, and I crawled onto my hands and knees as I’d done dozens of times before. My pussy ached, craving his impossible girth.

“Damon,” I whispered. A shudder ran through my body as his cold noise pressed between my thighs. He lapped at my juices with his flat tongue, making my clit throb as he passed over it. He whined, and I knew he needed me.

I felt the calluses of his paws against my skin as he planted them on my back. His hot breath blew onto my ear. I sucked in my stomach and exhaled, waiting for him. Then, I hissed as his tip penetrated through my opening. My pussy locked around him, stinging with the familiar pain of his enormous cock. I let myself relax, and Damon inched himself further inside of me. 


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