A recap of my very sexy year

Merry belated-Christmas! I hope you had a very happy December, because I certainly did. To get this post rolling, I’ll share this blog post by Dalia Daudelin with you. She has compiled this month’s sexiest new erotica releases in one easy post. Try scrolling through those steamy covers and see what tickles your fancy.

So, like today’s title suggests, 2013 has been a very sexy year for me. I graduated college. Intelligence=sexy, no? I spent a lot of time in the hot yoga studio, sweatin’ out the toxins and staring at myself in the mirror. I jumped on the crop top bandwagon big time and showed lots of skin.

Oh, and I started publishing erotica. 😉

Sex is one of the best things about being human, and it feels incredible to express it so freely through my writing. It wasn’t always like that for me. I’ve mentioned before that growing up in a Christian household was tough. I also had an experience with an abusive boyfriend who wanted to flatten anything that was sexual about me. That meant no make-up, no shorts during the summer, no talking to other men, even if it was only to say “Excuse me” and even if they were gay.

Now, I have a great boyfriend, an older man who I’ve referred to as “Humphrey” in a previous post. Our relationship turned 1 year old in 2013, and we have had a fabulously SEXY run so far. He understands that I can’t hide my sexuality. In fact, he loves it. He loves that I write erotica, and he even tried writing his very first story this year. Erotica is like our dirty little secret, and being able to share that with each other has taken our relationship to a whole nuffa level.

Writing erotica is more than an expression of sexuality. By wielding the pen (or keyboard), I’ve claimed the power back from that abusive ex. And I want EVERYONE to know that there is nothing shameful or dirty or wrong about sex, whether it is with Bigfoot, with werewolves, with a vibrating shower head, in an orgy, or in front of a camera.


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