Thank you!

It’s finally 12/31, New Year’s Eve. I have a lot of activities planned for today, most of which include drinking alcohol. There’s a lot of reasons to celebrate (some of which I’ve highlighted in the previous post), but two things I’m very thankful for on this particular day:

1. My incredible, loyal, quirky, forgiving, and compassionate friends, and

2. My readers (ie: you)

So THANK YOU for holding my hand on my journey across the eroticaverse. It means so much. Being an author is very lonely at times, and it certainly helps to have a few people responding to my works.Thank you, thank you, a million gillion times.

I have a lot of exciting plans for this new year. I hope to meet my boyfriend’s family for the first time, take a trip back to the country where my parents were born, visit someplace I’ve never been before, reconnect with lost loved-ones, and learn a new skill. For my erotica career and this blog, I’ve been ruminating on ideas for contests (for prizes!), free giveaways, and as always, more ideas for stories. Keep an eye out for some exciting changes! You can join my mailing list if you like. You might get a sexy surprise in your inbox every now and then if you do!

And once again, thank you! I can never say it enough. May you have a blessed New Year’s Eve, dear reader. See you in 2014!


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