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Erotica sources for readers

So, you already know I write erotica, but I also love sinking my teeth into a steamy story as a reader. Writing lets me take control and dictate what happens, but sometimes I want to sit back and enjoy the ride. I’m always on the look-out for new stories to gobble up (and I’m sure you are, too!), so here are two of my fave resources: 

Short and Smutty

Focused on short, sexy stories. They have a Goodreads page and Twitter @ShortandSmutty

Ereader Erotica

A scrollable tumblr page with multiple updates a day. Translation=lots of choices! Linked here

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A NEW twist on a familiar tale

I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned it before, but one of my resolutions this year was to get more exercise. I know, it’s just so original, right? 

I had an interesting idea for a blog post brewing in my mind, but I’m exhausted from working out, so I’ll just throw my new book at you. 


Adam has lived in paradise for as long as he can remember, content to tend to the Garden as its lone caretaker until the day a beautiful stranger arrives. The stranger is the first man Adam has ever seen, and he wants to teach him everything he knows, starting with a lesson in pleasures of the flesh.



All Romance


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I’ve lost 4 lbs by the way, so I’m very pleased. 

Thank you for reading!

Some updates

Hello reader, how are you? You look nice today. I love your hair.

If it seems like I’m in a good mood, it’s because I’ve had a wonderful week so far. I lost most of my extra holiday weight. I have 100 followers on Twitter (@SageLMorgan if you want to follow me). I’m cutting back on the drinking. And people seem to really enjoy my stories, which cheers me up a lot!

I’m also on Goodreads, btw. I’m still trying to figure out how things work over there, but I’m really loving that it’s a social media site all about BOOKS. Here is my GR author page!

So, I’ve got lots of writing to do. In the mean time, let me pimp out my mailing list! Use the link at the top of the page to sign up. I usually send a free story on major holidays, and I believe Valentine’s day is coming up soon. 😉

Equinox 4: Generations…now available!



In case you haven’t heard, Equinox 4: Generations is now available on Amazon, B&N, All Romance, Google Play, and Kobo! It’s the fourth installment to the werewolf erotica series, Equinox (the first one is FREE, check out my FREE ebooks post a couple posts below this one).

Phew! I’d originally intended Equinox to be a stand-alone, but the premise was so intriguing that I wrote a sequel, and another sequel, and another one. The ideas multiplied like bunnies, and now here we are. I have 3 more installments planned for a projected total of 7 stories in the complete series (8 if you count the prequel). I feel very involved with the characters and the plot, and I’ve found that the more I know about them, the more there is to know! And I couldn’t be happier. I love exploring new, imaginary worlds, and I’m also blessed to have my readers along for the ride!

Before I go, click below for an excerpt! No sex in this one, so you don’t have to usher the children out of the room but you DO have to be wary of spoilers in case you haven’t read any previous Equinox stories. 😉

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Male vs. female perspective in erotica


One misconception about erotica is that it is 1) written for women and 2) written entirely from the female perspective. Well, I know plenty of men who enjoy smut. In fact, my best friend in high school was a boy, and we swapped erotic books back and forth (in paper bags. We were weird). But, data show that erotica have an overwhelmingly female readership. That doesn’t mean all erotica has to be written from a female perspective, though!

My newest BDSM/femdom story, Extra Credit, is the first story I’ve written from a straight male perspective. I have written plenty about gay males and lesbians, so I’m no virgin to being in a man’s head or direction a character’s advances toward a female body. But this is foreign territory to me. I suppose it’s because I know what it’s like to lust after a man, and I know what it’s like to be a female attracted to a female. I have no idea what it’s like to be a straight man. And in theory, neither do female readers. But my story (and many other stories) still sell.


I’ll admit the psychologist in me is dying to do a study on this, but for now, here’s my hypothesis: being inside a straight man’s head, feeling what he feels, and knowing what is happening to his body is hot. It’s not possible in real life when I’m having sex with my straight male partner. However, reading and writing about it allows me a glimpse “behind the scenes,” so to speak. I remember one evening when Humphrey and I were having drinks with friends, and we all ended up playing Truth or Dare. One of my friends asked him what his favorite sexual encounter was, and his answer (me, a hotel room, pasties and duct tape) stands out in my mind. I had no idea that of all our little encounters, THAT was his favorite. And it’s something I reflect on every now and then. I love when he shares little things like that with me.

And of course, there’s always something sexy about anything that is unknown! Obviously female perspective in erotica and romance is a smarter move marketing-wise, but male perspective can work if it is written well, contrary to popular belief.

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Read my books for free!

…that’s right, free!

I was one of the many North Americans who received an eReader for Christmas, and free books are my JAM! Three of my own erotic stories are free at various retailers. That’s right, you pay $0.00. 🙂 I love it when authors have free stuff, and now I’m an author with free stuff! Download, read, share, whatever. And consider subscribing to my mailing list via the “Mailing List” page^^. Links below:


Arianna is a regular college undergrad quietly lusting after classmate Jackson, until one fateful day when he approaches her with two surprises: 

1) He is the star of his own webcam show 
2) He needs a female partner to rake in more cash 




Google Play:


Kathy is a young witch whose virginal status qualifies her to become her coven’s Equinox Maiden, the witches’ representative in the mysterious Wild Hunt. She doesn’t mind that nobody seems to know what the Wild Hunt entails (because long-time crush Marcus has finally noticed her), at least until the High Matriarch reveals the true nature of the Hunt, and Kathy’s important role. 






Unable to find a job, Marina gets stuck working as a maid for ex-model Rebecca West. It is while she is cleaning Rebecca’s mansion that Marina finally meets her boss’s wildly successful boyfriend, tech giant Henry Meyers. Sick of being a maid and smelling opportunity in the air, Marina considers how far she will go to win Henry Meyers’s favor.







Twins: My sexual fantasy


I’ve been working extra hard on my first story of 2014. I wanted it to be forbidden. I wanted it to be a little wrong, but oh-so-right. Most of all, I wanted it to be HOT. And something that I think is hot is the twin fantasy. 

So…it’s coming. While you wait, whet your appetite with an excerpt!

*for mature audiences only*

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