Twins: My sexual fantasy


I’ve been working extra hard on my first story of 2014. I wanted it to be forbidden. I wanted it to be a little wrong, but oh-so-right. Most of all, I wanted it to be HOT. And something that I think is hot is the twin fantasy. 

So…it’s coming. While you wait, whet your appetite with an excerpt!

*for mature audiences only*

With a small intake of breath, I tried to ease open the door without making a sound.


I froze.

“Yeah, baby.”

I didn’t know what I was seeing at first. The bathroom door was barely open, and all I could see was a sliver of mirror through the crack. Jerking, rhythmic movements were reflected back to me.

“Suck that cock, baby. Yeah, just like that.”

My hand flew to my mouth, and goose bumps rippled up my arms. I knew that voice. But whose was it, Josh or Jared? I leaned in another inch to study the naked back in the mirror. His neck muscles were taut, his skin flushed. He touched himself in long, intense strokes that forced me to wonder how big his equipment was.

“Damn, you are so beautiful. Oh, Valentina.”

I closed the door carefully and jumped away. My heart bounded in my chest as those last words echoed through my mind.

Oh, Valentina.

I stared at Jared’s closed bedroom door. I felt a strange mixture of alarm and curiosity. Did I dare?

I reached for the knob. The bathroom door jiggled behind me, and I jerked my hand back. I retreated into the guest bedroom before whoever was in the bathroom came out.

I touched my hand to my chest. No matter how hard I tried not to, I couldn’t stop thinking about what I’d seen. Those arms, those shoulders. I imagined how my hands would look hooked around that thick neck as he pounded into me…

A flood of heat rushed down my body. Oh, my god. My hand drifted down between my thighs. A tingle shot up my body as I touched up against my shorts. I was damp inside. Without a second thought, I slipped my hand beneath my shorts and stroked my fingers down to my wet slit.


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