Equinox 4: Generations…now available!



In case you haven’t heard, Equinox 4: Generations is now available on Amazon, B&N, All Romance, Google Play, and Kobo! It’s the fourth installment to the werewolf erotica series, Equinox (the first one is FREE, check out my FREE ebooks post a couple posts below this one).

Phew! I’d originally intended Equinox to be a stand-alone, but the premise was so intriguing that I wrote a sequel, and another sequel, and another one. The ideas multiplied like bunnies, and now here we are. I have 3 more installments planned for a projected total of 7 stories in the complete series (8 if you count the prequel). I feel very involved with the characters and the plot, and I’ve found that the more I know about them, the more there is to know! And I couldn’t be happier. I love exploring new, imaginary worlds, and I’m also blessed to have my readers along for the ride!

Before I go, click below for an excerpt! No sex in this one, so you don’t have to usher the children out of the room but you DO have to be wary of spoilers in case you haven’t read any previous Equinox stories. 😉

Damon and I were about to do something crazy, but I had to do something crazier first.

I parked the car at the end of the block, a few yards down from the driveway to Streich Manor. Damon whistled as he stared through the window.

“That’s where Mama’s Boy lives, huh?”

“Yes.” I cut the engine, and we sank into silence.

“Are you sure you want to do this?”

“Oh, yeah.”

“Be careful.”

He didn’t need to tell me twice. At the same time, I was perfectly comfortable sneaking into the mansion. Even though Damon had his keen werewolf senses, I was the one who knew where the shadows fell, what windows were unlocked, and how to navigate its vast passages. Dating Marcus Streich had given me the upper-hand in this operation.

I slid out of the car and found the gap in the ivy wall. With a final glance at Damon over my shoulder, I slipped into the garden.

Streich Manor loomed in the distance. The sight of it used to comfort me. As the home of the High Matriarch, Natalie Streich, it was our coven’s town hall, in a way. Their coven, I realized. After tonight, I probably wasn’t going to have a coven of my own.

I knew a lot of surprising secrets about the family, thanks to Marcus. One of them was that the house had been outfitted with a security system years ago, but rats had chewed through some of the wires, and Mistress Natalie had never bothered to have them repaired. That left the entire lower east wing open to intrusion.

Another secret was that the entire family woke up around five a.m. That meant they were in bed by nine and drifting through R.E.M. cycles by midnight.

Lucky for me.

I picked a strategic window, heaved it open, and climbed into the rear hallway behind the staircase. Just as predicted, the entire house was steeped in silent sleep. I crept up the stairs to Mistress Natalie’s study. When I opened the door, my prize was already sitting out in the open.


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