A day in the life of an erotica writer


What’s life like as a writer of erotica? It’s not much different than any other writing job, except that the “research” we do tends to be more fun!

My typical day begins around 11 a.m. After having some breakfast and coffee, I’ll sit at the computer and check the previous evening’s sales, read the news, and catch up on emails. After that, I disconnect the wi-fi and write. Depending on the story, I’ll spend anywhere from 3 hours to the entire day just typing. I’ll often take a break to jog around the block or make a cover to give my mind a little rest.

Sometimes the well runs dry, so that’s when I do some research! Okay, fine, I watch porn (for science). I also read erotica from other talented authors, brows erotic photographs, internet-stalk my celebrity crush, basically anything to get my erotic gears turning. Last night, I came across the new Youtube craze (look up “Grind on Me Vines” for some confused ladyboner action).

If I have a story to publish at the end of the day, I upload to all the various sales channels. This part takes about an hour. After that, I congratulate myself with a glass of wine. Or 2. Or even if I don’t need congratulating.


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4 responses to “A day in the life of an erotica writer”

  1. winterbayne says :

    I’m documenting my typical day as well. Very boring.

  2. augustmacgregor says :

    Thanks for the peek into a day in the life. I’m sure the research is fun, and then the writing takes you on lots of adventures in your imagination. My writing certainly does!

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