My Boss’s Billionaire Boyfriend, #3


I thought after the holidays, I would have a pretty low-key, downhill-from-here kind of year. NOPE. February has been crazier than I anticipated, which is part of the reason why I haven’t updated my blog/published very many titles this month. My fitness and diet goals were conveniently forgotten, along with my mom’s birthday. Various expenses piled up. My sex life…has seen better days. I’ve been sick. My dog also got sick. Fortunately, I’m all better and I have a ginormous box of chocolates to keep me company!

Like I said, I haven’t been keeping up with my usual writing pace. I’m currently working on the third story in my Billionaire Boss Series (still trying to come up with a good title). The first one, My Boss’s Billionaire Boyfriend, is free, and you can find the second one, The Indecent Internship, here.

I’ve gotten some great feedback for this series, so far. Maybe it’s the idea of a rich, powerful, older man taking what he wants (or maybe it’s just me), but there’s something about the characters and situation that resonates with readers. I’ve mentioned before that my best-selling stories are the ones that I enjoyed writing the most, and I’ll say it again now. I love the idea of a man in business attire navigating a busy schedule of board meetings and phone calls to fit in a little office sex. I love imagining him taking off his cuff-links, rolling up his sleeves, pushing me up against a wall, and not taking no for an answer. I love all of that so much that I made a character (Marina Ramsey) whose only job is to experience everything that a billionaire boss has to offer!

Obviously, there is more than just office sex in my stories. Things get in Marina’s way, and there is a huge obstacle keeping her from sexytimes in #3. So while we wait for its completion, you can read a bit of what I have so far after the cut.

“I’ve been thinking about you all day,” he growled. His fingers touched the edge of my lace panties, and his eyes lit up. “Ivan,” he said to the driver. “Put up the partition, please.”

Ivan’s head disappeared as the partition went up, and soon we were completely sealed off behind walls of tinted glass. Henry pulled his arms out of his jacket, and I put my hands on his shoulders, always deliciously surprised by how hard and muscular they were.

“Oh, Marina,” Henry murmured before diving in for a kiss. Hearing him say my name never failed to send a thrill shooting down my spine.

My fingers shook over my buttons as I fought to get out of my top. Once I had it opened, Henry’s pupils widened, darkening his gaze. My nipples hardened, drawing his eye to my sheer lace bra.

“Happy birthday,” I said, a little breathless.

“Happy birthday, indeed.”

Henry pushed gently at me, easing me onto my back. His fingers danced across my bare ribs, the lace bra, and the top of my skirt. I pulled at his tie. A few moments later, most of our clothes littered the floor of the car.

“You’re wet,” Henry murmured. His fingers touched against my cleft.

I leaned up to take his lips in a light kiss. Our tongues danced around each other. Henry gasped when I pulled away.

“I could be wetter, though,” I said.

Henry smirked, forming tiny lines around his eyes. I felt a rush of heat when I studied his smiling face. God, he’s gorgeous. I couldn’t even imagine what he’d looked like at my age. It would’ve been too much to handle.

“What’s wrong?” Henry asked, still smiling.

I shook my head, briefly embarrassed. “Um, nothing.”

“Good.” Henry plunged two fingers into my pussy without warning.

I cried out, and my hips bucked in his hands. Henry chuckled, a sound that rumbled low in his chest. He began to stroke inside of me, his touch gentle and teasing. My body eased back down, and I exhaled shakily.

“How does that feel?”

My eyelids fluttered. “Uh-huh.” I could feel myself dripping around him. My clit throbbed, begging to be touched. I slid my hand down my stomach toward my crevice.

Henry caught my wrist. “Let me.” He rolled his thumb over my swollen nub, making my thighs jerk. He watched my face, using my expressions as cues as he worked me with his hands. Then, he leaned down and sucked my nipple into his mouth.

“Today is your birthday, remember?” I said. I tangled my fingers through his smooth hair as he licked my nipples.


“So why are you doing all the work?”

“Because I do whatever I want on my birthday.”

Henry didn’t give me a chance to respond. He buried his face between my thighs, digging his tongue through the folds of flesh toward my clit. He slipped his fingers out of my pussy and drew them to my lips. I could see my own juices glistening on his skin, smell my own wild scent mingling with his.

I sucked his fingers into my mouth, tasting myself.

“Oh, god,” he whispered as my tongue flickered around his digits.

“Fuck me,” I said.

Henry turned his face toward mine. His expression was unreadable. He could’ve been dead, but I knew better. This was the look he gave me when he was turned on beyond reason, when there was nothing left of his mind but the primal need to fuck. I felt my stomach clench every time he gave me that look.

I opened my thighs and wriggled down the seat, straining to touch my gushing pussy to his cock. “Please, Mr. Meyers,” I whispered.

“Damn.” Henry’s eyes drank in the sight of my naked torso, from my smooth hips to the puckered nipples of my heavy breasts. He squeezed my thigh, creating dimples in my flesh. “Damn, you’re so sexy.”

His cock quivered at my entrance, hard and throbbing. I grabbed his shoulders, bracing myself for the coming impact. His cock slid in easily when he penetrated me.

Henry began thrusting eagerly, frantically, adopting the hard, jackhammering pace that I had become accustomed to. I closed my eyes, savoring each stroke of his rock-hard member, even if it was painful and bruising.

“God, Marina!” he said in a strained voice. The muscles in his back and shoulders tightened under my fingers.

I dug my nails into his skin and bit my lip. I parted my thighs even wider to accept every movement of his body. Just as I felt myself sinking into his rhythm, he pulled out and reached for my hair.


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