Workplace sex with a billionaire boss


The hardest part about writing an erotic series is keeping the balance between plot and sex. Erotica has to be about sex or it’s not erotica. It’s just as easy as writing in any genre with the first installment, but it gets a little harder once you move onto book #2. Each individual story must have its own plot while contributing to the entire arc of the series and be sufficiently smutty.

I like  think that there’s more to erotica than just throwing two people at each other. Writing a series is challenging, but it’s a challenge I definitely enjoy! Of course, I want Marina and Henry Meyers to end up together and live happily ever after, but what’s the point of even writing their story, then?

So, Marina’s cushy internship doesn’t turn out to be so cushy after all in Billionaire Break Up. But like me, Marina also likes a challenge.

Marina’s finally getting the hang of her internship, most of which she spends in private “brainstorming sessions” with CEO Henry Meyers, until a familiar face from her past re-enters the picture. With her sex life hanging by a thread, she questions whether Henry sees her as more than just an office fling and how far she’s willing to go to find out.


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