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Best Day Ever


Why yes, that is my new biker e-rom, First Time Rider, in the #13 spot on Amazon’s top 100 urban erotica list! But let’s start the day at the very beginning…

Today, I met up with my best friend from junior high/high school. A coffee date that I thought would’ve gone an hour tops lasted four hours! There’s something comforting about running into someone you knew way back when and realizing that they’re still just as cool as they were when you were friends.

Lately, Humphrey has been under a lot of stress because of his job. I suppose all that hard work finally paid off because he found out he’s getting a raise today.

And of course, my new book is doing pretty well. Honestly, First Time Rider was so much fun to write. I felt like I was writing fan fiction again, crafting a romance plot just to get my two favorite characters to have sex with each other. Aspen is a composite of all my girlfriends, a little bit of sweet and spicy, and Liam is, well…my dream man (second to Humphrey, of course). Dark-haired, a tough exterior with a squishy, sensitive middle, and gorgeous. I’ve never been so satisfied to end a story, but there will be more, because First Time Rider is the first book of an entire SERIES.

I’m working on the sequel right now, as well as the newest installment to the Equinox series. As always, keep one eye out for exciting new developments. In the mean time, let me reiterate…



and it’s all thanks to YOU. Yes, YOU. If you’re reading this right now, if you’ve read any of my books, if you signed up for my mailing list, it’s all because of you.

So thank you! 🙂



Sale Sale Sale…and only ONE week left!

The weekend is almost here! Also, St. Patrick’s Day: America’s National Beer Holiday. Are you excited? I AM.

I’ve been keeping busy writing in the mean time. I’m also out of coffee, so for now I’m fueling my work with tea. Today, I’ve been promoting the various upcoming deals that I have going on, which brings me to the point of this post…


I want everybody to get in on this deal, because after the 19th, my gay sex bundle, Hot Gay Erotica Box Setwill go from .99 to $4.99! That’s a huge difference. Four stories for five bucks is a deal, but for less than a dollar is an offer too good to refuse! Kind of like the offer Evan gives Jackson in Jackson’s First Time. Wtf am I talking about, you say? Read Hot Gay Erotica to find out!


And a friendly heads-up: another one of my bundles will be FREE this weekend (14th, 15th, 16th) only on Amazon. If you’ve been itching for werewolf, vampire, and merman sex, wait just a few more hours and download my collection of paranormal erotic shorts, Strange and Sensual Creatures. Many people have already read it and liked it, but for those who haven’t, why not give it a shot? 😉



My werewolf erotica story, Equinox, is #50 in the Top 100 Free Paranormal Erotica list. Woohoo! This was one of my favorite stories to write. It was also my first time writing werewolf erotica. Lucky for me, I actually enjoyed it. In fact, while writing it I learned that I love werewolf sex.

Anyway, it’s nice to see that people enjoy it. Sometimes it feels like I’m by myself, shouting into the vast empty vacuum of the internet. Then, there’s this, which reassures me that all the late nights and caffeine shakes are worth it!



I recently published my newest bundle of gay sex stories called, imaginatively, Hot Gay Erotica. All of my box sets are priced at 4.99 (which is already a steal, close to half-off the combined price of the stories sold separately), but for a limited time, this one will be offered for $0.99! That’s right, less than a dollar. So what are you waiting for? 😉



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