New releases! and a WIP…about a sexy merman!

April is here! March was a pretty exciting month for me. My werewolf sex story peaked at #48 in Amazon’s paranormal erotica list, and my motorcycle club romance exceeded my expectations in a big way. I’m sure this month will be just as good…no, BETTER, because I have so many stories to tell. There’s lots of sexiness coming, so keep your eye on this blog! In the mean time, check out my two newest stories, both installments in their respective series.



Aspen’s love life with bad boy biker Liam takes a hit when she spots her abusive ex in town. Now, Liam wants to know why Aspen won’t respond to his touch, and he’s getting pretty fed up. To make matters worse, MC queen Shayna is watching Aspen’s every move, waiting for the perfect moment to antagonize the newbie. As usual, Aspen’s life is far from easy, but the Skull Kings are always there to help in unexpected ways.

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To uncover a family secret, Kathy goes back to her ex-fiance Marcus while werewolf boyfriend Damon hunts down a missing person who may know the truth. But when Marcus proposes again and his mother drops a bombshell, things get even more complicated for the star-crossed couple in their quest to be together.

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Do you love mermaids as much as I do? Correction: mermen. I can’t be the only one who gets hot under the collar watching the Olympic men’s swim team, and merman erotica is the perfect outlet for my aquatic fantasies. My merman stories have been pretty well-received so far, and my fellow enthusiasts can rejoice, because I’m working on a new one! Before I sign off for the day, check out a sexy excerpt!

The merman reached for my hand. In the back of my mind, I knew that he’d always been here, waiting for me. It wasn’t strange at all.

We dove into the water. Corals stretched out below us, a rainbow carpet bursting with colors I couldn’t name. I could breathe and see more clearly down here, as if it were the world above us that was made of water. It was just the two of us suspended in this beautiful, glittering universe, hand-in-hand.

I turned to face him and gasped. He had expressive eyes that reminded me of sky. His smile was almost like the first smile I had ever seen.

And that was when I realized I was naked. Yet I wasn’t ashamed of it. Somehow, it was natural. The merman was naked, too, and he floated closer to me. He inserted his tail between my legs.

“Just say yes,” he whispered. His fingers brushed across my cheek.

I sighed, and in the next moment we were kissing. His tongue caressed mine, his touch caring rather than groping. I could feel his tentativeness in the way he held me, as if to ask, Is this okay? I kissed him back fiercely, communicating exactly how much I wanted him.

His tail extended farther up my legs, pressing against my pelvis. I felt something extend out of him and glanced down in time to see the pink, shiny tip of his cock emerging from his body. I opened my thighs and wrapped my legs around his strong waist.

His cockhead grazed against my slit. I rubbed myself against him teasingly, letting him graze along my clit and make it swell. Once I couldn’t take it anymore, I pushed myself down, plunging his cock into my pussy.


My pleasure was audible. I threw my head back as I began riding his long, hard cock, slipping it in and out of me. Then, the merman’s arms tightened around my waist, and he began grinding back. His thrusts were hard, deep, and strong, so much so that I didn’t even have to move anymore. I relaxed and let him do all the work, carrying me through the warm sea as he fucked me.

I gripped him tight, pulling his head into my neck. His kisses were soft and warm, leaving a tingle everywhere they touched. His lips explored my shoulders, my chest, and his tongue lashed out at my breasts. I arched my back away from him and glided up and down on his rod, delighting in how foreign his body was to me, from his hard, sculpted chest to the tip of his scaly tail.

“Just say yes,” he said again.

“Yes!” I said. “Yes, yes, yes!

I locked my legs tighter around his body, pulling him closer. His scales rubbed against my clit, the muscles beneath rippling with a delicious rhythm. His cock swelled even more inside of me, stretching the walls of my wet pussy to capacity. I could feel myself straining around him, but the pain was a good kind of pain.

“I want to make you come,” he whispered to me.

I gripped his neck and kissed him again. He had no idea how close I was already. Perhaps he was technically another species, but his cock was just right, filling into every crevice of my body as neatly as a key in a lock. Every curve and ridge of him did its work, stimulating the parts of me that needed it, lighting every nerve ending on fire.



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