Getting busy with the warm weather!

I’m part of a big family, and it’s definitely a blessing, but summers always get a bit busy because there are so many aunties to pay attention to. My Mother’s Day Weekend Bonanza started on Friday and it’s still going. However, I’m enjoying a rare reprieve in my room, and I have the window open to let in the warm, breezy sunshine. Life is great!

One thing that has kept my spirits up these past couple of months is the success of my Skull Kings MC series. I finally published the third and final story yesterday, and at this moment I am compiling all three into a novella. This is the first series I’ve completed, and finishing the novella will feel like wrapping up the whole package in a neat little bow. I’m also thinking about publishing the next Equinox story as the final one (it will probably be longer than its predecessors), and compiling that into a novella as well, but we will see what happens with the Skull Kings, first. 

So…lots of excitement to look forward to. Plus, summer’s in the air. I’m already daydreaming about sitting poolside with a cocktail and a stack of books. In the mean time, here are the links where you can buy Biker Chick, and you can read a short excerpt after the cut. 

Did I mention it’s only 99 cents? Because it totally is, but not for long!



Thanks to her connections to the Skull Kings MC, Aspen snags a job working at the strip club owned by the club president–and looking forward to it. Who can blame her when the security guard is none other than her boyfriend, the sexy, badass biker Liam Olsen? But her illicit workplace fantasies are cut short when a dead body is discovered in the bathroom, throwing the club into chaos. Things get hot in all the wrong ways, especially with the arrival of a handsome sheriff’s deputy who takes a special interest in Aspen… 

Conflict, lust, and betrayal abound, and once again Aspen is caught in the middle of it all. It’s finally her chance to earn her place as Liam Olsen’s old lady…but is she tough enough to succeed?


Amazon Gentlemen’s Club was busy for a Tuesday night, and it was my first bartending shift to boot. Between taking orders, flipping through the bartending handbook Noah kept under the counter, and running the register, I barely had time to flirt with the security guard.

I took a rare moment to pause and glance at him across the club. Liam wove through the tables, watching patrons and dancers with his stoic poker face. He kept his arms crossed over his wide chest, accentuating the bulge of his biceps and the tattoos inked into his skin. He caught me watching him and flashed a smile that made my stomach flutter. Even after a month, I still couldn’t believe that he was my boyfriend. But our relationship was more than that, now.

He was my boyfriend, and I was his old lady.

A thud on the bar jerked me out of my trance. A man pushed his empty tumbler toward me. “Give me another.”

And I was back into the swing of things. After pulling his beer, I got a flood of orders. Just as I finished pouring a round of shots, I felt an imposing presence behind me.

“How’s it going?” Noah asked in his deep, neutral tone.

“G-good. I think,” I said clumsily.

“You having any trouble keeping up with orders? Buddy’s Sports Bar never gets slammed like this.”

“It’s different, but I’m managing pretty well.”


I breathed a sigh of relief when Noah finally left to attend to his other duties. As Amazon’s owner and my new boss, he was intimidating. As the Skull Kings motorcycle club’s president, he was downright frightening.

Liam, my own Skull King, sauntered up to the bar. “Can I buy you a drink?”

My shoulders drooped. There was just something about Noah that unnerved me. “I could really use one, actually.”

Liam hopped over the bar to my side.

“Hey!” I said.

“Relax. I work here.”

“Shouldn’t you be keeping an eye on the customers?”

Liam began examining the liquor bottles. “I think Logan can manage for just ten minutes.”

I searched the club for Logan. He was the newest Skull King and acted like everybody’s annoying little brother. I found him licking a shot off of a dancer’s ass.

I rolled my eyes. “I’m sure he can.”

Liam plunked two shot glasses onto the bar and mixed some tequila and ice in a shaker. His movements were quick and graceful, and I was reminded of our nights back at the clubhouse. Whenever we had the place to ourselves, a couple tequila shots never failed to get the both of us wild and hot.

“What are you thinking about?” Liam asked when he caught me licking my lips.

I scanned the club to see if Noah was anywhere nearby before I pulled him close by the front of his shirt. “I’m thinking about that day when you bent me over the pool table and fucked me from behind,” I whispered.

Liam’s eyes went black as his pupils dilated. “Damn.” He passed a chilled shot into my hands.

I stared into his eyes, imagining him on top of me. My gaze fell to his lips, plushy and soft. They’d been pressed against every inch of my body, yet I still couldn’t get enough. I felt my blood surge, thrumming through the thin veins in my arms.

“Let’s go find an empty dressing room,” I said.

Liam grabbed my hand and clamped it to the front of his jeans. I squeezed the hardness I felt down there.

“What’s wrong with right here?” he whispered.

A shiver slid up my spine as he moved his hands to the tops of my thighs, pressing into the seam between my legs. His fingers slipped past the hem of my shorts, digging themselves toward my heat. My breath caught in my chest when they plunged past my panties, brushing against my wet slit.

“This is my first day,” I said. I gripped Liam’s neck and pushed my forehead against his. Panic rose in my chest, excitement not far behind. My heart was beating double-time, spurred by Liam’s deft fingers working their way up my shorts coupled with the thrill of getting caught.

Liam lifted his free hand, tipping his shot glass in my direction. “That’s what liquid courage is for.”

I grinned, lifting my own glass to clink against his. We were poised to take our shots. Our mouths floated closer together.

A shrill scream cut our fun short. The tequila wobbled in my glass and sloshed down my arm as I jerked, startled. Liam’s hand fell away from my body. Suddenly, everyone was out of their seats, looking for the source of the noise, and it quickly became apparent where it had come from. A dancer who I only knew as Diamond emerged from the women’s restroom, white as a ghost.

“She’s dead!”

I turned her words over in my mind, letting the meaning behind them catch up to what I’d just heard. Noah shouldered his way through the crowd, and Liam quickly left my side and followed.

I steadied myself on the bar, my heart racing. Something about the atmosphere was unsettling, the way the music played to silence, the blank, frightened stares, everything a strip club wasn’t supposed to be.

Diamond fell to the side as Noah and Liam disappeared into the restroom. An entire verse of the song ticked by before they came back out. Noah’s face was even colder than usual.

“Aspen,” he said, surprising me. “Call the sheriff.”


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