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Coming soon! A sequel to First Time Rider: the novella…

Feedback on the Skull Kings MC stories have been great! As I mentioned before, I released the first three stories as a single novella. I’m currently working on the next one in the series, and I’m discovering that this one is a bit different. Because I’m writing it as one story from the get-go rather than merging three separate ones together, the sex happens more gradually than sporadically as it did in First Time Rider. It also features two different characters as the heroine and hero. Aspen and Liam still have their fair share of the limelight of course, but they got their happily ever after!

So, in Biker Justice, we get to know Carmen, who was Aspen’s friend and former co-worker at Buddy’s Sports Bar. We know so far that she has a son and she’s a bit of a firecracker. And I know that I won’t be giving anything away by telling you she gets a Skull King of her very own. But who?

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