Coming soon! A sequel to First Time Rider: the novella…

Feedback on the Skull Kings MC stories have been great! As I mentioned before, I released the first three stories as a single novella. I’m currently working on the next one in the series, and I’m discovering that this one is a bit different. Because I’m writing it as one story from the get-go rather than merging three separate ones together, the sex happens more gradually than sporadically as it did in First Time Rider. It also features two different characters as the heroine and hero. Aspen and Liam still have their fair share of the limelight of course, but they got their happily ever after!

So, in Biker Justice, we get to know Carmen, who was Aspen’s friend and former co-worker at Buddy’s Sports Bar. We know so far that she has a son and she’s a bit of a firecracker. And I know that I won’t be giving anything away by telling you she gets a Skull King of her very own. But who?

Click before for a little sexy excerpt! And don’t forget to sign up for my mailing list by clicking on the mailing list tab at the top of the page for updates, including the release of this upcoming story ^^

I exited my steamy bathroom wearing my ratty, terrycloth robe. I could hear Xander watching T.V. in the living room. Normally, I would’ve told him to scoot to bed. But I was in a light, bubbly mood for a change.

Another ten minutes wouldn’t hurt, I said to myself as I slipped into my bedroom.

I went through my drawers and found my silk camisole. It had been a birthday present from someone who’d thoughtfully picked out the dusty pink color to set off my dark hair. I’d worn it only once under a jean jacket to a bar. I pinched my tongue between my teeth as I slid it from hand to hand, the material like cool water.

“Well…why not?”

I slipped it on over my head. It was like getting a hug from an old friend. A very sexy friend. The straps settled into the dips of my shoulders. I pulled on the matching panties and walked to my mirrored closet doors.

I placed my hands on my hips and twisted back and forth, admiring the view. My hair was still damp and tangled, and the tops of my thighs were paler than the rest of my body, but otherwise…

Not bad, I thought to myself.

I noticed the outline of my nipples through the sheer silk. Suddenly, my mind flashed back to earlier this afternoon. I imagined what Logan would’ve done this time, seeing me like this.

As if in answer, I got a text message on my phone. My chest inflated with the hope of who it could’ve been. I never got messages this late.

I picked up my phone from the top of the dresser. Logan’s name popped up on the screen.

What are you up to, read his text.

My heart began pounding. Thankfully, Logan was at least a mile away, otherwise I was sure he could’ve heard it. My thumbs hovered over my keypad.

Nothing, I began typing, but I stopped at the “n.” Nothing? “Nothing” was so generic, and technically, I wasn’t a generic kind of girl.

I glanced back at my reflection and pulled my hair behind my ears, considering. Firm resolve hardened deep inside of me. I tried striking a pose with one toe pointed out and one hand on my jutted hip. It felt ridiculous, but it looked amazing. With a deep breath, I pointed my camera phone at the mirror, took a picture, and sent it back to Logan.

His response was immediate: Holy shit. He sent another one before I had a chance to think of what to say next. Are you alone?

Yeah. And so lonely 😉 I texted back. I slipped under the covers of my bed, entering one leg at a time. I stared at the ceiling as I waited for Logan’s response. It had been years since I’d sexted. But I was feeling strangely calm.

A minute later, my phone pinged. Wish I was there.

I replied with a typical first line. What would you do to me? I counted six agonizing heartbeats before I got my answer.

I would hold you from behind and grind my hips against your sweet, tight ass until I got hard. Kissing your neck. Touching your nipples with my fingertips. Now what would YOU do to me??

“Oh, boy,” I whispered. My hand floated down my belly to rest on top of my panties. I radiated heat down there, awakening. Licking my lips, I put my thoughts into words.

I turn around and take off your shirt to explore your muscular chest with my hands. I kneel down before you, licking your stomach as I go. What should I do next?

His answer surprised me. Put your fingers on your clit. Make yourself wet while I watch.

I did as he asked, slipping my fingers past the lining of my panties. My clit was already swollen and throbbing when I put my finger against it. I released a sigh as I eased down into my pillows, my mind full of thoughts of Logan. I had to start typing one-handed.

Touching myself. I’m so wet already.

I closed my eyes, imagining Logan in a similar position on his bed, shirt off, tattoos straining, cock in hand. I bit my lip. Mmm. I still hadn’t seen it in person, but I liked what I’d felt when I straddled him in my kitchen. He had girth and length. I took an extra minute to stroke myself after hearing my phone ping with a new message.

I slip the straps of your top off your shoulders and slowly undress you. I lay you down on the bed and suck on your perfect nipples. I rub my hard cock on your soft skin, across your clit.

I’m ready, I typed back. Put it inside. I slid two fingers into my pussy as I waited for his reply.



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