I’m back, and so are the Skull Kings (finally!)

It has been a long and glorious two months, capped off with a final week of scrambling to push out the final Skull Kings MC novella before Halloween. Its like college all over again!

It’s definitely bittersweet. Readers have said a lot of nice things about this series, but all stories must come to a happy conclusion, no?

Anyhoot, Wild Child: A Skull Kings MC Novella, is the ending we’ve all been waiting for. It’s got ACTION! It’s got DRAMA! And it all takes place in my favorite city ever. Cookies to whoever can guess which city. (Hint: I’ve written a blog post about it!).


Lisbeth Olsen’s back in Las Vegas, the city that nearly destroyed her a year ago. But now that she’s shed her gang-affiliated past, she’s free to confront her demons on her own. Or so she thinks…

When a drug dealer lets slip that someone powerful is looking for her, there’s only one person Lisbeth can turn to for help. Gabriel is a Skull King nomad with an equally shadowed past, and he can’t help but be drawn to the mysterious girl with the compass tattoo. Once he finds out she’s the sister of a fellow King, he knows he has to help.

Now, they must work together to find an old friend of Lisbeth’s, someone who has the key to solve everything. But with the discovery of a murder and possible involvement of some rogue Skull Kings, their only hope is to get to the enemy first–an enemy they can’t see–with nobody but each other to trust.

This book will be 99 cents until mid-November! Available at the following links:


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