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From bikers to mermen


Phew! What a crazy week! Between my newest release, fiendishly outlining my next one (I’m more of a plotter than a pantser), and attending to various domestic duties, I kind of feel like I got nothing done. God, I suck at multi-tasking.

Most of that may be due to confusion, though. After closing the chapter on Aspen and Liam, I thought I was done with kinky biker sex, but…

Now it’s all I can think about!

Clearly, I’ve been cooped up in this room for too long. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a vacation, and maybe I deserve one. I can just imagine myself sprawled out on a white sandy beach half a world away, sipping frozen cocktails in the shade of a palm frond. But no beachside bon vivant is complete without a sculpted merman, driven wild with curiosity over the exotic planes of the female human body…

Okay, there may be a non-MC story inside of me after all!


FREE biker erotic romance (for a limited time)



Why am I squeeing? Well, my newest release is currently sitting pretty at the #6 position in Amazon’s top 100 urban erotica list. AWESOME! Not only is this the highest one of my books has ever climbed, but it is also my favorite so far, and I lahve that I get to share this story with so many people.

Let’s talk about the actual story itself. In case you couldn’t tell, this is my Skull Kings MC series re-imagined as a novella. This whole thing started with the idea of a heroine running away from an abusive ex-boyfriend, right into the arms of a tattooed, badass biker. Of course, there’s sex and lots of it. There’s a little bit of drama and action. There’s a little bit of foul language. There’s a LOT of mentions of chains, leather, and Harleys.

I thought compiling the series into a novella would be a breeze. It was and wasn’t, in a way. I had 95% of the content written, pretty much, and all I had to do was string them together. It was the actual stringing part that was difficult, though. Each individual story was a little over 10,000 words and had its own plot, which fit into the entire arc of the series. With the novella, I needed one plot, so each plot from the individual stories had to be reframed as a micro-conflict to drive the new novella-plot.

YES, at times it was frustrating, but in the end, I got a story that I’m rather pleased with (ish…a writer is never 100% pleased with their work, I think).

And it appears other people like it, too.


Even more great news: this new novella will be available for FREE on 5/19-5/23. After that, it will be priced at 99 cents until June. The individual stories are 2.99 each, by the way, so this is a very good deal!

You can buy it at the link below:

Aspen’s quiet life in Canyon City is turned on its head when she crosses paths with the Skull Kings MC and its most eligible bachelor, Liam Olsen. He’s tattooed, he curses, and he drinks…a lot. But Aspen is done for the moment she looks into his hazel eyes. Jumping on the back of his Harley thrusts her deep into a world of sex, strippers, and the attention of a rival gang. Liam’s life is dangerous and exciting, just like him. But Aspen’s also had a dangerous past, and with all the sparks flying between herself and the sexy biker, those demons are bound to come back.

Link to Amazon

Getting busy with the warm weather!

I’m part of a big family, and it’s definitely a blessing, but summers always get a bit busy because there are so many aunties to pay attention to. My Mother’s Day Weekend Bonanza started on Friday and it’s still going. However, I’m enjoying a rare reprieve in my room, and I have the window open to let in the warm, breezy sunshine. Life is great!

One thing that has kept my spirits up these past couple of months is the success of my Skull Kings MC series. I finally published the third and final story yesterday, and at this moment I am compiling all three into a novella. This is the first series I’ve completed, and finishing the novella will feel like wrapping up the whole package in a neat little bow. I’m also thinking about publishing the next Equinox story as the final one (it will probably be longer than its predecessors), and compiling that into a novella as well, but we will see what happens with the Skull Kings, first. 

So…lots of excitement to look forward to. Plus, summer’s in the air. I’m already daydreaming about sitting poolside with a cocktail and a stack of books. In the mean time, here are the links where you can buy Biker Chick, and you can read a short excerpt after the cut. 

Did I mention it’s only 99 cents? Because it totally is, but not for long!



Thanks to her connections to the Skull Kings MC, Aspen snags a job working at the strip club owned by the club president–and looking forward to it. Who can blame her when the security guard is none other than her boyfriend, the sexy, badass biker Liam Olsen? But her illicit workplace fantasies are cut short when a dead body is discovered in the bathroom, throwing the club into chaos. Things get hot in all the wrong ways, especially with the arrival of a handsome sheriff’s deputy who takes a special interest in Aspen… 

Conflict, lust, and betrayal abound, and once again Aspen is caught in the middle of it all. It’s finally her chance to earn her place as Liam Olsen’s old lady…but is she tough enough to succeed?


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