Biker Justice, Kindle Unlimited


Apologies for the absence. Lots of things have been happening. I’ve mostly been writing the third and final novella in the Skull Kings Novella series, but speaking of…

Biker Justice has been available for about two weeks, but I’m posting about it today because it will be 99 cents over the weekend! Available on:

The link for Barnes and Noble is noticeably absent. Why? I DON’T KNOW. Self-published authors are able to upload their books to the B&N store via NookPress, but just like any other website, there are technical issues that prevent successful uploading. I’m sorry about this, Nook readers! The support team has promised to address the issue soon.


But onto a different subject! Namely, to Kindle Unlimited. It’s a new service available to the US only (for now), but the simplest way to describe it is that it’s the Netflix for books. Readers can borrow from a library of enrolled books, which means they can read them for free! What does this mean for authors? Hopefully increased readership and exposure. In the past, it would be unusual for me to see even one borrow in a month. After KU was introduced, I’m getting about two borrows a day. It’s pretty exciting to see more people reading my books. The service is so new that there are questions of how it will affect authors’ royalties in the future, but in the end, it’s the readers that count the most. My perspective is that the person who borrows my book wouldn’t actually buy it if it weren’t available under KU. So, that reader gets to read a book for free, and I gain a new reader. Awesome.

Right now, you can get a month-long free trial. Hell, I have a Kindle, I might sign up on it to get in on the action!


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